Sunday, June 18, 2006

Winter Solstice Celebration

Lighting up the darkness - our lanterns bobbing down the river of light and around the circle. Ok , so you can't see much and the photo gives no idea of the magical atmosphere - children carefully carrying their lanterns, down the path of glowing lights, the stars coming out as dusk fades. Then all crowding inside our circle to give thanks together for family and friends, for the return of the sun that brings life and warmth. Then the lighting of the bonfire, a frenzy of sparklers fizzing. Older children making a volcano. The spicy warmth of mulled wine in the chilly air. Sausages sizzling on the smaller braai fires. Thick butternut soup in mugs. The strange excitement of being outside after dark giving new energy to the eighteen children, all playing happily together, focussing on their volcano, feeding their fire - one night when they can indulge their pyromaniac tendencies to the full! Later having to drag everyone indoors to have pudding, way after normal bedtime, 3 year-olds falling asleep into their food, older children on an adrenaline rush, playing kick-the-can in the dark, while adults talked around a long table, snug inside until a rush of cold air blast in, as one of the revellers dives through the door for a fill up of pudding. Yes we did over-cater on the puddings...we always do, but they were so good that we won't mind eating them for the next two days!


  1. This is just beautiful Kit! With the lanterns in the foreground and the sun setting in the horizon...capturing the light! Happy and blessed solstice!

  2. the joy of celebrating moments, honoring passages and knowing there presences in our lives!


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