Saturday, June 24, 2006


This is my almost-six-year old's painting. She says it is a peach with the pip showing. I'm using my blog as an extension of my kitchen wall now, for pinning up paintings! I'm enjoying seeing it look so pretty.

I'd love to see your favourite children's paintings or pictures - if anyone would like to make this into a meme theme please do carry it on! I did ask the kids' permission first and promised to respect their copyright...!


  1. What a fun idea for a meme! I'll have to take pictures of my daughter's creations as I don't have a scanner that will work on them. I love your children's art and their interpretations. I have some of my girl's things framed and hanging in a hallway. How do you display your kid's paintings? I also utilize the good old fridge and magnets. Children'pictures often have a peace about them.

  2. I had to photograph these too. I'd like to frame some of these but probably won't get around to it for a while. We have a selection from last year blu-taked onto the play room wall. I need to get organised and get each child a special box to store their work in. At the moment I have a drawer brimming over with four years of kindergarten drawings and more room! Looking forward to seeing your girls' creation Jenny.


Thanks for your comments - I appreciate every one!