Friday, June 02, 2006

10 luxuries money can't buy - for a mother of small children

1 Being able to retire to the loo for 10 minutes with a book, without an invasion of kids needing attention.

2 Lying on the floor, to do yoga or just lie, without an excited horde taking it as an invitation to pile on board.

3 Walking out of the front door, carrying only the keys and a small, light bag, only 2 minutes after having made the decision to go out.

4 Sleeping right through the night.

5 Wearing clothes that say Dry Clean only...(oh I don’t think I have any any more!)

6 Listening to your own choice of music.

7 Breakfast in bed on a weekend, on my own with a book

8 Even better would be a long lie in, just the two of us, with the children magically whisked away for an hour or two – dream on...!

9 Some Mary Poppins magic to tidy up the nursery, just like she does.

10 And since we are leaving the realms of reality how about a proper Italian restaurant sending a three course dinner over every night for a little while, that lands ready on my table and the kids enjoying eating everything.....


  1. "misty watercolored memories...of the way we were"... Oh Kit someday you will look back on these years with longing and the bittersweet ache of how quickly time doth pass... I am momma to 23 and 13 year old daughters...Tempest Fugit ( Time Flies)

  2. perfect and true! I laughed the entire way down your list! I remember the day my children became an age where this list vanished...and I smiled!! Ah at last freedom to shut the bathroom door, and not worry!

  3. Very funny. My son was away for 5 days recently on a school trip. I was stunned at the wonderful feeling of waking up in the morning and just letting my mind wander wherever. But I know that if this freedom went on for longer than a few days I'd miss the old hubbub of taking care of my son. A break every once in a while is nice though!

  4. It's true - I love them lots and all it takes is half a day break for me to start feeling like I've lost a limb and the silence to get eerie!

  5. yep, that pretty much sums it up!


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