Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Rosemary for Remembrance

Today I was writing an article about rosemary, which seems to have subtly taken over most of my recipes lately and looked up in my herbal book to see what its medicinal properties are.

Lo and behold - "it is an energiser of note...for the over-stressed, depression, anxiety, to improve memory, concentration and to restore a positive outlook and get up and go - a tonic, rejuvenator and a revitaliser" wow, this is just what I've been needing the last couple of days - energy and get up and go and all it takes is a cup of rosemary tea?!

Well I've decided to be the guinea pig and test out this new wonder drug - so I'll let you know if I start bouncing in Tigger fashion. It also contains easily absorbable calcium, so you can take one cup of tea every day for 10 days, break for 3 days then repeat to keep the dreaded osteoporosis at bay. All this comes from my copy of Herbal Teas for Healthy Living by Margaret Roberts. She is our South African big name in herbs and has also written a really useful book on tissue salts, that I use all the time for minor family ailments.

All you need to make the tea is one thumb length sprig of rosemary, pour over a cup of boiling water and leave it to infuse for 5-10 minutes. I really like the flavour, it's clean and fresh but you can add honey if you like. I know I read this before and even started drinking the tea, but I gradually lapsed back into ordinary tea again and forgot about it. I guess it's like remembering to take vitamins or anything else that you should ..the enthusiasm lasts for a little while before old patterns reassert themselves - need to rewire the brain or something.

I've just remembered that rosemary is the herb of maybe taking the tea will help me remember to keep taking it..?!

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  1. the healing power of herbs and essences...the meaning of flowers, their language and their gift.


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