Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Clothes Line Zen

Here’s a picture of my 15 year old drying rack, to add to Jenny - Prairie Farmeress’ Clothes line Zen theme! This is the Italian clothes drying rack that travelled back to London with me after a season working in Italy. It worked hard holding clothes to dry next to radiators in corridors through several different flats and houses there and has since accompanied us all the way to South Africa. Getting a little rickety in its old age it can still accommodate a whole wash, when necessary. Great for rainy days and to supplement our clothes line on mega wash days. I don’t know what I’ll do when its hinges eventually give way to gravity. Maybe I’ll have to start importing them from Europe!


  1. Kit this is an amazing clothesline rack! I have never seen one like this in the States! Don't you just love things like these? Is it a coated metal? Leave it to Italians to make something so humble and untilitarian a chic thing. It could be art! Thanks for posting about this. You should import these from Italy!

  2. Kit! Thank you for your wisdom, humor, beautiful insight....
    I love hearing about your life in SOuth Africa!

  3. Yes Jenny it is coated metal, chipped in places now so it has rust spots, but they don't seem to come off on the washing.
    Ditto Corey.


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