Monday, August 21, 2006


In my latest exploration around the web, I've just discovered a tantalising site. Called Book Mooch it is a book swap site. You can sign up, post a list of books you are happy to give away. People email you to request one, you mail it and get a credit, so you can ask for something you want from someone else. Brilliant idea! It's tantalising, because there is no listing for South Africa, so no-one to swap with, sob, but I thought I'd put up a link to it for those of you in France and in the States, in case you hadn't come across it. I will comfort myself with the thought that my sister-in-law buys plenty of books and often gives them to be before she's even read them herself, so with such generosity in the family I'm not too deprived of reading matter!

I've been feeling inspired by reading Planet Nomad's post, the Omnivorous Reader, with her response to the latest book meme. Then I found another different one going around on Charlotte's Web, also inspiring.

I blithely thought I'd have a go too. Now I have books bouncing around in my head, asking to get a mention. I'm too full of indecision to finish it, nominate the finalists in the listings and post. I have also discovered something about myself in the process - I couldn't think of any impressively highbrow books that are genuine favourites. Judging by the books that have jostled their way onto the draft version, my main motivation for reading is light entertainment and escapism. So I'm confessing to that in advance and plan on posting my list soon as long as you promise not to be shocked and horrified.


  1. hehe. Escaping to a world of make-believe is sometimes a mothers' chance! It's too bad that the Hungarian Post is completely unreliable, snif, snif...

    Thanks for the comfort, I appreciate it immensely.

    Hope spring is being nice to you.

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