Sunday, August 13, 2006

No Gym Required

Workout Tip

To tone flabby buttocks and thighs: transport your children, one at a time, the 40ft distance between sofa and the bathroom basin to clean teeth, each child standing on your feet and holding on round your waist. If they obligingly weigh in at the end of the trip, you will find that you have moved 136.4lbs, quite some distance, mostly using your bottom muscles.

The request to further move them on the short distance to their bedroom in the same manner was peremptorily denied, due to workout being already at maximum level - I said my bottom was too achy.

I then heard youngest questioning my six year old, " Why is Mummy's bottom too flaky?"

You can extend the workout to include biceps and stomach muscles (it is important to engage these in order to protect your back), by having your 35lb three year old decide to be a baby, unable to walk (though still able to talk in commanding tones) and need to be carried between the bathroom and the bedroom several times to complete the various pre-bedtime rituals.

You will now be able to dispense completely with any gym or other fitness routines and have earned a sit-down in front of computer to visit blog-land.


  1. Absolutely! And more fun than going to a gym watching 20-somethings work on in thong leotards. I don't think I'm in good enough shape to have more than one kid!

  2. LOL Kit! YOur post brought back so many memories... #1 child at 26 and worked my flabby butt and post c-section abdomen off at the gym..with mixed results but good enough....#2 child at age 36...forget it...lost cause...this child being the outspoken of the two tells me "Mom why does your stomach look like JELLO?" "well..cause I am freakin Mrs. Santa Clause"..end of discussion and days of flat abs...thanks for bringing a laugh to this middle aged "bowl full of jelly" Motherhood is humbling isn't it? I have NO PRIDE...;)

  3. I see we belonged to the same gym? The workouts continue and become heavier too!
    LOL very clever kit!


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