Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Words on Wednesday

I just saw this cool word cloud thing on Barb's blog from this T-shirt site and tried it for this blog. I loved it. It sums up all the things that are important in my life by sampling my entire blog and coming up with the most used words - I hardly need to write a post now - it's all there!

We've had birthdays (mine), flu bugs (the girls in turn) and blogger histrionics (Blogger's own) keeping me away from my computer and keeping the words in my head. Hopefully they will spill out easily and form a lucid pool on my blog tomorrow.


  1. Happy belated birthday!
    Hope everyone is feeling better! Is that everyone now?
    RE: bread, The poolish process lends a chewy texture to both the crust and the overall product. It also develops the flavor and my husband can definitely taste the difference, if that helps. I also use instant yeast. I can never be bothered to remember to feed my own...
    and for some reason I never bake if I have real yeast in the house so I end up throwing it away! Go figure.

  2. Oh that is a cool thing. Hope everyone is feeling better and you had a happy birthday!

  3. Happy happy Birthday Kit! Hope the family is on the mend. Let's see... you are a Virgo? I posted a poem about Virgos from my antique book "Idylls of the Months" seems dead on. Did you get a cake? Oh I have a brilliant out! :O Whenever my blogging pals have a birthday I should post a picture of an old fashioned cake and recipe to celebrate! I will do one in honor of you tomorrow on the 1stSept. Your word cloud is very foodmumish!:) Was your most used word BAKE? I tried to upload my cloud but could not figure out how to put it in jpg format...grrrr. Remember...fine vintage wine gets sweeter and better with age! Enjoy! :)xxoo

  4. Thanks everybody!
    I had to get my husband to help on downloading the word cloud - I think he right clicked on it then selected Save as Image...if I remember right, it was late at night by the time I gave up and shrieked for help!
    Lovely idea about the cake recipe, Jenny.
    All the kids have had the bug now and are better, hope us grown-ups can sneak through without it!

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