Saturday, September 23, 2006

Baking Bonanza

Baking not blogging!
Preparations for our Spring Festival and three birthdays today, took up all yesterday afternoon, so I collapsed on the sofa in front of a DVD instead of checking out blogdom. I'll be back tomorrow evening when the festivities drift to a close.
Above: two chocolate Smartie birthday cakes that are standard birthday fare here, with variations in Smartie motifs; one lemon drizzle cake; two pavlovas to be bedecked in whipped cream and strawberries; and two loaves of Nicolle's poolish bread recipe.

The children summoned me to photograph this enormous praying mantis on our stoep. I hope he's praying for fine spring weather today, as well as peace, joy, love and happy eating!


  1. I'll take a slice of each, please!
    Seriously, your baked goods look absolutely fabulous!

  2. Baking goddess! Looks delicious as always Kit. By the way, I have tagged you for a meme on my blog...just what you needed during these busy baking and celebrating days. Enjoy the parties. The mantis looks formidable!

  3. pavalova!! I dream of these!
    Bake and blog later, we can smell your delicios adventures and smile with you!!


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