Saturday, September 30, 2006

Birdies build their Nests

Outside a friend’s house stands a large acacia tree, its branches loaded down with baubles of weaver bird’s nests. Each Spring it is filled with manic chattering and a flurry of activity as new nests are woven next to the old. Intricate confections of long grass, twisted and turned to make a hanging nest, its entrance at the bottom, yet with a secure inner chamber that safely holds the eggs. The chatter grows more intense as the nestlings hatch and must be fed, quieting only at night.

Below is a treasure trove of discarded nests (last years outmoded fashions), bright sky-blue eggshells that seem too small to have held a baby bird, and the occasional tragedy of an ugly bald chick with bulbous eyes and tiny wing buds, fallen from the nest or pushed by competitive siblings.
For an hour the girls collected egg shells, feathers, held a funeral and absorbed the essence of spring.

The nests came home and provided an opportunity for the toy twitterers to hatch a family.

Youngest's toy bird finds a new home and raises a family

My son's drawings from his school book. They've been studying local animals and birds.


  1. Another charmingly beautiful post! Your children are so in tune with nature and their mother. Can't wait to see pictures and writings of the beauty of summer in S.A and your observations. It will help warm and cheer my dark cold winter. :)

  2. Your son's bird picture is frame worthy! He is very talented. The little stuffed bird in the nest is so adorable. Did some felt eggs appear?

  3. What a happy nest you have created! i love reading about your life!
    Tell your son his picture is lovely!!


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