Thursday, September 07, 2006

Abba angels

The children are working their way through our CD collection, finally having decided that grown-up music is as good as the Wiggles or nursery rhymes. Hurray, mostly, except for sticky fingers blurring half the tracks.

We were sitting around the table at snack-time listening to Abba when 'I have a dream' comes on. My eight year old son comments disdainfully:
"Why are they singing about believing in angels? EVERYBODY believes in angels"
He now thinks it is a silly song for stating the obvious so many times over.

He still believes in the tooth fairy and Father Christmas too - long may this state of blissful innocence last.


  1. It is a precious and magical time...and so fleeting. My girls loved Abba too! I think I had to listen to "Mamma Mia" hundreds of times...

  2. Hee! This reminded me of my daughter's reaction to ABBA. I had been listening to some of my old cassette tapes and she was loving it, jumping and dancing all around to high-energy Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffet and Asia songs.

    Then I found an ABBA tape with my husband's stuff and she got all excited when I told her I was going to play a song called Dancing Queen. ("Just a minute Mommy, let me go get my crown!")

    She was disappointed when she couldn't find the crown, but that was nothing compared to her disappointment in the song itself. The poor little thing looked so forlorn, standing in one spot, moving her little arms up and down gracefully and complaining that this song is "bowding" (boring) and "can't we put that other one [Fins by Jimmy Buffet] back on?" Needless to say, by the end of Fernando her disillusionment was complete and she had trudged woefully from the room.

  3. ABBA !! My kids loved them! They knew most their songs by heart!


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