Sunday, September 10, 2006

Embroidery with Words

Corey’s posts at Tongue in Cheek, often release an outpouring of words in my head. This post of hers, combined with this one, with Cat's beautiful quilted art, that she linked to, mulled around my mind for a few days then this poem appeared on my screen. I thought I'd share it, though it's neither food nor family.

Embroidery with Words

Silks sewn
Beads glistening
Gold thread
A patchwork planet
Of hope.

Into its seams
For the Angels
Over your dreams.

Embroider flowers
With bright silks of love,
Strew them as you go.
Let the hearts of others
Find the peace of your art
Telling them
They are not alone.

Silver linings
Shot through with gold
Rainbows unfurling
Stories untold
Unpick the chain stitch
Reshape into flowers
Free from their fetters
And we from ours.

The stuff of life
Lived a thousand times
Worn in places
Torn, in holes
Made beautiful and new
With rich fabric from our hearts
Joined seamlessly with care and love
A new design
Stronger, more meaningful
Than before.

by Kit 2006

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  1. oh thank you! the poem is beautiful , it flows like a needle pulling thread!


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