Sunday, September 03, 2006

Meredith we'll miss you!

I only just heard about Meredith closing her blog Found in France. I missed her last post saying that she had accidently hurt someone's feelings and didn't feel she could continue it. I feel so sad - sad for her, because it must have been a difficult emotional time to make that decision and sad for me, because it feels like I have lost a new friend, that I was just getting to know and love. Our blog community has grown important to me, this delicate web of contact by writing, sharing thoughts and feelings and funny happenings. Losing a vital, warm voice from amongst us is like a friend moving far, far away out of reach of phone and letters. Anyway, Meredith if you ever read this, my thoughts are still with you, I'll miss your writing and sharing of your life and I hope that one day I'll bump into you again, in real life or virtual life.


  1. Amen! So well written Kitt as always...I second all that. Meredith's intelligence and wit and EXCELLENT prose on her life in France with her husband and daughters will be sorely missed. I have special fondness for her since we both came from the prairie states here in central US...her down to earth and honest voice was so refreshing to read. Meredith, you are in my thoughts and prayers. (((hugs))))

  2. oh no! I thought it strange I couldn't sad. I agree with what you have said here..I came to know you/your blog through Meredith's blog.
    Oh Meredith! I too am missing you.

  3. hey kit, she's resurfaced under the pseudonym DeeDee at
    she wants to keep it anonymous...
    i had to create a fake blogger account just so i could leave this comment! the new beta blogger has some issues!

  4. I went back to her new site after leaving a brief welcome moderated comment and her post had been deleted...:(


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