Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Coriander Pancakes Anybody?

Excitement at the kindergarten.
"Tomorrow we're going to make pancakes!"

Each child came out of school bearing a little note of which ingredient they needed to bring the next day. My heart sank just a little. The last time, when they baked bread, I had been allocated the vital element of yeast to send in and totally forgot about it, even though the sachet was sitting ready next to the car keys. The day was saved by ringing a mother who lived close by and hadn't yet left home. The back of her cupboard yielded some ancient but functional yeast.

This time though, I am determined to remember - cinnamon and icing sugar, cinnamon and icing sugar, cinnamon and icing sugar, repeats in my brain all the way home. I put the note in a noticeable place and the next morning I do remember, as I'm throwing the breakfast on the table. I quickly dash to the spice rack, grab the jar with the hand written label that I keep the cinnamon in, rush to find the end of a bag of icing sugar in the larder and put them straight in my daughter's bag. There. It's done.

At the end of the morning, in the car on the way home I ask,
"How were the pancakes"
"Good but that wasn't cinnamon" comes the reply.

"Oh no" I think "have I put the wrong refill in the cinnamon jar? Was it mixed spice?" Well that would still have been OK. Not quite cinnamon but OK.

When we get home I investigate my daughter's bag.. and find CORIANDER!!!!?
I had put a hand written label on the coriander jar too, forgotten that vital fact and in the morning pandemonium had just grabbed for a likely jar, confirmed it started with a C and read no further.

The next morning I apologised profusely to the teacher. She said that she'd thought maybe that's what we liked on our pancakes, a little strange perhaps, but she'd tried a little herself and my daughter too had eaten a coriander and sugar anointed pancake and said she liked it! I think she was loyally trying to protect my reputation and am suitably grateful.

Mum 0 points in the Supermum stakes
Daughter 100 points for dedication beyond the call of duty.


  1. Warmed my heart, that story did.

    Of course, if she's a kindergarten teacher, she must have seen it all as far as unusual tastes go. For a while I wasn't allowed to put sauce on the girls' side of the pizza but, on at least one occasion, I was called upon to use apples instead.

  2. So funny! I read the title and thought you were going to give us an exciting and different recipe...I suppose you did.

  3. Same here...I thought what is that Kit up to now? You get an E for effort as my Mom used to say when things did not turn out like I had of late I have been going to the store and such with my shirt turned inside out and once my shorts were also. Could be!

  4. lol !! Cinnamon and corriander, the great shake up!


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