Monday, April 03, 2006

Soup kitchen

Beware sick child in the house! No work today, moans and groans issue from the sofa. A tummy bug has struck, one child down two to go, hopefully I'll get away without catching it too. Cooking goes by the board, something quick, easy and nutritious is needed. Easily digestible too. Luckily I've still got some turkey stock in the freezer, left from Christmas. Soup it is.

Chop two onions, fairly small. Garlic and fresh ginger very small. Olive oil and simmer gently to soften. Add some diced carrots and celery. Soften, then throw in the stock, simmer for half an hour then throw in a handful of small pasta shapes. Allow ten more minutes then serve - to the parents to stop them getting sick - the sick child of course turned up her nose at it. Try again during convalescence.

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