Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pasta Recipe

I've been trying to write down my quick and easy pasta with tuna recipe today for the website we are building. Discovered it takes far longer to write it than to cook it. All I usually do is put water on to boil for the pasta. Chop some garlic and ginger and saute in olive oil very gently, chuck in the tuna and some herbs, salt and pepper then toss with the cooked pasta. The trouble comes when I try to give exact quantities and allow for different possibilities such as adding some fresh tomato etc. My own made up recipes don't tend to be very exact, come out different each time I make them which is half the fun - variety being the spice of life and all that.

A major change in my life - my youngest has just started kindergarten, aged 3 and a half, so suddenly I have the mornings free for undisturbed work. A huge mental shift, accompanied by bursts of nostalgia for the days of babies and toddlers. Part of the challenge is ignoring the housework, which can be done with the children around in the afternoon, and sitting down at the computer for long stretches of time - sitting down to anything for any length of time is fairly foreign to a full-time mother - time to readjust to the ways of the working world. She is loving it, so far, in the same class as her big sister, she knows most of the children already and has been itching to get her hands on the toys for months.

A rhyme I heard which sums up our household:

Cleaning a house,
where children are growing
is like shovelling snow
while it is still snowing

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