Thursday, April 20, 2006

Herbal teas for high cholesterol

My husband got back his test results for cholesterol levels...aaagh...way over the safety limit. Various conventional drugs seem to have drawbacks, so a phone call to our homeopath produces among other things the suggestion of homeopathic olea europea.

This sets off the thought processes, cogs whirr, olea europea is the olive tree, of which we have plenty growing in our herb garden.. check what Margaret Roberts (our South African herb and tissue salt guru) says on the olive tree. Hey presto, you can make a tea with quarter of a cup of leaves and sprigs to one cup boiling water, leave to infuse for five minutes and sip slowly, 1-2 cups a day. It is good for loads of things including: lowering high blood pressure, antiviral, antibacterial, lowering blood sugar, cystitis - get her book Herbal Teas for Healthy Living for the full run down.

Other herbal teas she suggests for high cholesterol are: basil, celery, fennel, green tea, parsley and turmeric. i assault my poor husband with olive leaf tea first, then try turmeric then finish him off with green tea, which is supposed to have miraculous properties too but makes him feel queasy. We'll stick to the olive leaf tea for a while and see how it goes - you're supposed to take it for 10 days then break for 3 days before starting again.

I was going to give a recipe for banana bread today too, as we had a load of bananas overripe to use up, but it'll have to wait till tomorrow now as it is kids' bedtime and stories are required.

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