Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Eggs for Easter

Easter: a time, for mothers of primary school age children, of blowing eggs and then doing lots of baking to use them all up, so that we don't have to eat scrambled eggs again.

A silly Easter limerick inspired by the latest demand for eggs to decorate:

A cook who used lots of eggs
Said "I'm totally run off my legs,
For while I am beating
Everybody is eating
And leaving me only the dregs!

Well, my Simnel cake is finally in the oven. It had to wait till the children were in bed, previous attempts at mixing it being thwarted by various requests for help in the egg painting process, which means I'll be staying up late to take it out after its two and a half hours cooking. If I can stay awake long enough at least I'll get a chance to dip into the tempting stack of books from today's foray in the library. So far there hasn't been the chance to even riffle through one of them. The Simnel cake recipe I use is Delia Smith's from her Book of Cakes - ever reliable is Delia on the classics. It works every time. One tip: leave out the almond essence in the almond paste, unless you like it very almondy that is. I've converted a few anti-marzipan family members thus. It still has a gently nutty flavour but less in-your-face!

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