Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blogging Mothers

I've spent too much time reading everyone else's blogs tonight, so no time to write much here. It's great to find so many articulate people out there, also mothers with something to say. I'm adding links to the ones I feel a connection too - so far all the humorous, irreverent ones on motherhood, that make me laugh.

So far everyone I've found has been in the States and I feel like a little lone outpost in the wilds of outer blogdom - South Africa. Most of the people I meet here don't even know what a blog is and I was one of them till very recently, so maybe we need time to catch up. Could have something to do with the fact that we're still paying by the minute for our connection, except at night when you can be on all night for R7....hence the fact that my evenings reading on the sofa are a thing of the past and I'm tempted to stay up way past my bed-time - not good on school mornings - bleary eyed mum frantically making three packed lunches, when we should have left already and my son hates being late for school.

Anyway I'm enjoying meeting you all and look forward to loads more virtual conversations...


  1. Enjoying your blogging and motherhood experiences too! Those moms who blog are just amazing! They look fabulous...their kids look adorable...they homeschool...they have lovely homes...cook good food and do EVERYTHING well and with a sense of humor and fun...When I was a new young mom I was doing good to get a shower regularly and was dog tired all the time.:)and cranky! This younger generation of moms are doing a good job of it..I think it's great!:)

  2. Don't worry there are still plenty of us dog-tired and cranky, especially in the early sleep-deprived's getting better now our youngest is three but I can't boast of having vanquished the crankiness yet. It's nice how many blogging moms haven't got it all so together either and can still be funny about it. I love the idea of home-schooling but am afraid it might tip the balance between cranky and raging maniac!

  3. I think it's great. I love getting posts from you! (I feel like I have an exotic e-mail friend. ha ha)

    And, a lot of people in Canada don't know what a blog is either...


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