Sunday, May 28, 2006

Reunited and it feels so good!

My husband is back from the wedding weekend, the vibe in our house feels right again - it's amazing the difference it makes having him absent. Everything felt two-dimensional, we progressed through our normal routines and activities, even had some fun but some vital energy was missing - I even had a hard time being inspired to blog! It's pathetic I know! We're grown-up (I think) and he missed us just as much if not more. You see up till recently he's even worked from home, so has been woven intricately into the daily fabric of mine and the children's lives. For the last month he's been commuting into Cape Town every day, which feels very strange and then to be away for the weekend as well.. The decision has been made. Next wedding we all go, marathon journey, pee-stops and all.

It was great this evening, the sun broke through the clouds, as it was setting, giving a soft dampish light over the newly green hills and we all went for a walk around the farm. Dad, Mum, three kids, four dogs, sun catching the tops of the restios (wild indigenous grasses), children capering through them and throwing themselves into the sand...cue pastoral music, the song from my title or a margarine ad....It was truely idyllic - one of those times you go aaaaah and appreciate your life and the little angels instead of ranting about them!

And the rock cakes went down a treat in Knysna too.


  1. beautiful is all there for you

  2. Hi Kit. Thank-you for coming by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm new at this also. I'll be back here to your blog to read more. I'm wondering do you have a digital camera? Your words paint a beautiful picture. I just wondered if you might want a camera?

  3. Photos will one day be added when I reach the required level of technical expertise...or my husband show's me how!


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