Saturday, May 27, 2006

odd socks

I have come to the conclusion that socks are not naturally monogamous. A foray into my daughter's drawer revealed no less than nine odd socks and no pairs. Could this be a coincidence, or is it just the true nature of socks to go off on solitary adventures for extended periods of time...or else team up with an obviously unsuitable partner for a jaunt together on a childs feet before being forceably reunited with their destined life mate?

Proof that it is not just the messy state of my house that created this situation is Corey's last Tongue in Cheek post - her otherwise immaculate house has the same problem with socks as mine. I have only one practical solution. Buy yourself ten identical pairs of socks, throw out all your odd leftovers, then the socks can contentedly change partners and go off on trips as much as they like, with you being none the wiser, as long as they are careful to keep an even number of them in the drawer at all times.


  1. The 'all socks the same' solution is what I've done for my son. His sock drawer is full of singles of all the same sock so they all match. It's a little boring I guess but it saves a lot of time and scratching of the head over where the mates have gone.

  2. This is one of those great mysteries of the universe. Also there is always just one shoe laying in the road. My mother had a system down for this sort of thing. Buy socks identical...white ribbed crew socks for us dad had his own sock drawer. Winter gloves can be just as frustrating!

  3. lol, I did that! Sacha's socks are all black or white, Yann's socks are the same with a few beige ones...and guess what, the river still flows with socks without partners!

  4. Enjoying your blog from Kentucky, USA. I also have sock problems. See

    page down to "Socks"


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