Saturday, May 13, 2006

Nostalgia for high heeled shoes!

My daughters were raiding my shoe box, all the shoes that I hardly wear but think I might one day. My three year old teeters in to breakfast in a pair of black suede 3 inch heels...the highest heels I wear these days are on my Blundstone boots. Why am I keeping these shoes that would be agony if I tried to wear them nowadays? Nostalgia, I guess. It's nice to have a reminder that I used to be able to 'scrub up nice' on occasion, even as I sit here in my pajamas and sheepskin slippers the memory of a past self in sexy black dress and ridiculously high heels somehow managing to balance and take photos at a company do, can make me smile affectionately at my old self, which I guess is still in here somewhere and thank goodness that I'm happier now than then despite, or because of those sheepskin slippers!


  1. I agree! We need those reminders of our lives BC! I prefer the slippers too. Easier on the tootsies and bank balance.

  2. I love the way high heels look, but oh how I hate wearing them!

    Thanks for commenting on my site and I'm adding you to my blog roll, so I'll be back. I LOVE to read about, talk about, think about and eat food!


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