Monday, July 03, 2006

Birthday report

The birthday went well, enjoyed by all, even the birthday girl. No tears, she says now she's six she's too big to cry..we'll see.

Barbie was overjoyed to find her man at last, after looking for so long. She's been on her own for a year. I'm sorry to report that they went to bed together on their first date (fully clothed, shoes and all) but they did get married the same day and they smiled and smiled cos they love each other so much. Luckily one birthday present was a fine shepherdess dress with train and gauzy over-dress, so she had a fine wedding dress for the occasion. The My Scene boy doll was promptly rechristened Ben, so Barbie and Ben are now honeymooning in a woven basket, another birthday present.

The treasure hunt came together at the last minute. I was making up the clues and spraying them silver (fairy magic leaves a touch of silver behind, as you know) only half an hour before the guests were due, having slightly overfaced myself by deciding to do a roast chicken for lunch, as well as the party preparations and thus creating a veritable mountain of washing-up for my adult helpers, who had unavoidable other stuff to do that morning and so came back to find the house looking as if a whirligig had passed through, kids waiting for some action and me frantically rolling out cheese biscuits (designed to be an amusement for the kids that morning but rejected in favour of my son groaning about being bored) in between turning the roast potatoes, making gravy and tearing my hair out trying to think of clues and route for the treasure hunt. That was a ridiculously long sentence but maybe conveys the feeling of the moment...!

Anyway she had a good time. The attacks of non-birthdayitis that the other two suffered from in the morning eased as the party began and they turned back into human form and enjoyed themselves too. So all done until youngest's birthday in three months, which she is already planning...except that now my husband wants a treasure hunt for his birthday too. I'd better start working on it now...a grown-up one will need more than a spritz of silver spray to bestow instant fairy magic....


  1. LOL Kit! Your daughter's birthday sounded delightful! Well done MOM! I loved the Barbie story you shared. Your children are blessed to have you for their Mom...Happy 6th Birthday to your daughter! One of my favorite ages with my girls. I enjoy your writngs of family and life in S.Africa immensely!

  2. I'll have to take notes on fun birthday parties, your daughter's sounded fantastic! Here in Hungary there's is only a family dinner and the 4 yr old is not excited about that!

    Thanks for stopping by! I squeal like a child when someone finds me!


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