Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Snail party

A call from the garden, as I am switching on the oven for supper:

“Mum, come and see my snails.”

I go outside to see a small, succulent bush, lovingly festooned with snails, one carefully placed in the centre of each rosette.

“Will you look after them for me while I go and get some more? Don’t let the baby fall out!”

I watch, bemused, as my youngest disappears off behind the garage to bring more snails into the garden, to join the festivities....they waggle their feelers at me in a friendly fashion, little suspecting the dark designs in my long will they be treasured pets and will I get away with inviting the ducks to come and feast... or will that cause heartbreak?

Families of Mum, Dad, baby, Granny and Grandpa snails are arranged and rearranged on the plant, the babies hitching lifts on the bigger ones’ shells. I highly recommend a bunch of snails as entertainment for a group of small children. The play lasted for over an hour.

In the end, the joy she was getting out of the snail-decorated ‘Christmas tree’ far outweighed my measly concern for one plant, which will regenerate itself next year anyway.

So we photographed them instead.
And the snails waved!

P.S. As dusk fell, from the kitchen window I could see the children’s climbing frame, now liberally adorned with groups of snails, slowly slithering heavenwards, the party over for the night. I hope they’ll know what to do when they reach the top.


  1. The joy kids get out of snails! I know mine 'loves dem', as she says.
    She looked at the photo, petting the snail and your little girl, for 5 minutes.

  2. What a sweet story and lovely picture of your daughter.

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL picture! But, eeewww snails! I had a "good mom" moment one day when J found two snails and I let him bring them home UNCONTAINED in the minivan. I was shuddering the whole way home, but my husband was very proud of me. LOL.

  4. This photo is amazing! Those lollipop eyes are adorable!


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