Monday, July 24, 2006

Up the spud!

I was reading Problem Child Bride’s hilarious post the other day on potatoes and the problem she has convincing her American husband that they are appropriate fare for every day of the week. (She being from the Hebrides, where potatoes are a vital part of the staple diet). When I was growing up in England they were also an essential accompaniment to every meal. Of the other carbohydrates, pasta was encountered in Macaroni Cheese on occasion, rice came in the form of a milk pudding quite regularly and very occasionally as an exotic accompaniment to a curry. For the rest Meat, two veg and potatoes was the norm . So to express my solidarity with her, I would like to propose a way of serving potatoes every day of the week without repeating the same way of presentation.

Sunday – Roast Potatoes of course with Roast Beef, Lamb or Chicken

Monday – Baked Potatoes in their Jackets alongside the cold roast meat leftovers.

Tuesday – New potatoes boiled with a sprig of mint with chicken

Wednesday – Mashed potatoes and sausages – Bangers and Mash

Thursday – Shepherds Pie with the leftover mashed potatoes topping minced beef

Friday – Fish and Chips

Saturday – We haven’t had good old boiled potatoes yet with a sprinkling of parsley to soak up the gravy of a nice stew.

For the next week, you still have several more possibilities up your sleeve - potatoes cubed and roasted with rosemary and garlic or cut longways in wedges and baked with olive oil and garlic, or potato salad with herbs, spring onions and mayonnaise and there are probably a thousand more possible ways of enhancing this vegetable treasure!

The potato originally came to Britain from the Americas anyway, so maybe it is time for it to be restored to its rightful place of honour in the national heritage!

P.S. Does America have Spud-U-Like? A UK franchise that serves baked potatoes and nothing else, with a choice of about a hundred different fillings?


  1. Another believer!

    Thanks for the link, Kit, I was really excited when I'd read that someone from South Africa had stopped by.

    Your site is great. I loved the post about scrambled quiche and have plans to follow your lavender cookies recipe. They sound fabulous and I'll be back.

  2. hello-bello,
    I actually asked my mom while she was here visiting and we don't think the U.S. has any baked potato store. You can buy baked potatoes at the fast food Carl's Jr / Hardee's (west/east coast).

    Hope your winter's not too cold.


    p.s.lavender cookies were awesome by the way!

  3. Potatoes-every-day does exist in America, but it's regional!

    When I was growing up in the midwest, this is how it would go: What kind of meat do you want for dinner? Okay, what kind of potatoes should we have with it?

    Now, I probably make potatoes once a week or less, though I LOVE them.


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