Saturday, February 10, 2007

"I am from" Contest

Owlhaven has a writing contest going on at the moment using the "I am from" format. I loved doing this back in June and am kicking myself that I only just saw the contest ten minutes ago when the closing deadline was right now. I quickly entered my one from June but would have loved to have a go at Mary's alternative format, which takes in your whole life rather than just childhood memories. I think I still will attempt it, though there's nothing like a little competition for motivation. She's giving books as prizes and I never look a gift book in the mouth...

Anyway for some good reading go and read through some of the entries by clicking on the Mr Linky button at the bottom of the contest post.

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  1. Be sure and tell me when you do the other format-- I'd love to read it, contest or not!



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