Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Secret

My children came up behind me as I was watching “The Secret” on DVD on the computer, the headphones keeping the secret to myself. If you haven’t yet come across “The Secret” it is a film on positive visualisation – to attract what you want from the universe, whether material or intangible things, you have to emanate thought and feeling waves of the things you do want, rather than spending your time brooding on all the bad things that you don’t want and attracting those things into your life instead. Anyway it is supposed to transform your life, if you can shift yourself into that positive head space, so I was on my second viewing.

The children’s “What are they saying?” made me hit the pause button and try to think how to sum up the message for them: “Well it says you must think about the things you do want and not the things you don’t want, cos whatever you think about most, that is what you’ll get”

A pause as they pondered.
Then: “I want a pony”
“I want a pony too”
“I want a pony and some birds”

Father Christmas is going to have his work cut out this year!

My six year old did then observe me drawing a picture to further visualise the things I wanted to appear in my life and she followed suit, trying to reproduce faithfully the friendly face of her little tiger that has been lost for six months or more and is still mourned at regular intervals, despite friendly unicorns offering consolation. I hope the universe does manage to materialise it for her, she drew a fairy alongside it to help it on its way back to her.

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  1. I do think that there is something to positive visualization. But I don't know if I'll let my girls in on this yet, I can just imagine the grand effort what they would put into this :)


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