Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What is Valentine's Day about?

What my children know about Valentine’s Day:

Lots of the children wore smart red tops to school today (I hadn’t latched on to this before but red clothing seems to be de rigueur on this of all days – not red underwear either!)

Mummy and Daddy draw red hearts in pen on the backs of each other’s left hand...strange but we were born into this family for a reason...

The teachers at school had a little red rose each from one of the guys who works at the nursery next door – Mum got one too cos she was being a teacher today.

We get to go to the bank every Valentine's Day – last year they gave out delicious chocolates but this year it was heart-shaped mints. We got lucky at the library though, chocolate hearts in shiny red paper, which we had to eat straight away before they was hot in the car.

So Valentine’s Day is about trawling the town for free sweets and grown–ups being soppy with red pen hearts. Next year we need to work on Mum to get us a new red top for school.


  1. My daughter was thrilled to get a little homemade Valentine's card and a chocolate from her favourite boy-friend at school today. I was thrilled to see the enormous smile on her face as she rushed home to tell me.

    Sounds like your kids had a lovely day. I like the hearts on hands idea.

  2. I want to adopt your tradition of drawing red hearts on the back of my hand and on the hands of my family!

    Happy Valentines!

  3. I like the drawing of hearts on hands idea, too!

  4. Free chocolates! Oh I like that one! Sounds like your children had a wonderful day despite the "strange mum and dad" :-)

  5. PS I've just nominated you for Best New South African Blog in the 2007 SA Blog awards. You can go and fetch your widget here:

    I also nominated your "I am from" as best single post!

  6. Thanks Charlotte, I'm chuffed!

    I still can't comment on Wordpress blogs at the moment, so am feeling a bit cut off from the communication flow - that and being rather hectic this end, so have hardly written a thing I'll go get my widget and freshen up my blog with it !


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