Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ogres are like Onions

Supper was late tonight. I was already lagging behind schedule, after getting involved in my son's spontaneous mathematical calculation of how many pounds he would get for 10 rand. With the exchange rate currently at around 14 to 1 it was a complicated sum involving remainders or infinite decimal places and he wasn't too impressed to discover that he wouldn't even get a whole pound for his South African money. By this time the clock was skipping relentlessly towards the late supper indicator. I hurriedly tore one of our home-grown onions from the makeshift string hanging in the larder and peeled off the ugly, earthy, outer layers. ( I love that quote from Shrek where he tries to explain to Donkey that Ogres are like onions...they have layers). Underneath these layers was such a gem of iridescent beauty that I couldn't possibly chop it up until I had photographed it. So here you are - a work of art and supper only half an hour late!

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