Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's the SA Blog Awards again!

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It's that time of year again - the time when all South African bloggers chew their finger-nails in the exciting contest that is the SA Blog Awards, elbow each other as they hustle up the red carpet all for the honour and prestige of it...and of course the grand prize of 2008 south african cents or to put it into perspective R20.08. which will almost buy a bar of Green and Black's Maya Gold chocolate ...almost'd have to scape together the other R5 from your loose change bowl in coppers, but it does go some of the way towards satisfying an unsupported chocolate craving!

Anyway you've got till Friday to nominate your favourite SA blogs so please click on the button to choose me, me, me!!! Then fill in all the blanks with some of the other fine South African bloggers such as Cooksister, Charlotte's Web, Vanielje Kitchen or look at Cooksister's list for more inspiration! They've increased the number and scope of categories this year and asked you to give reasons for voting for the blogs you like, all new and improved on last year.

Here are the rules which I have lazily copied and pasted from Cooksister!

Once you've had a browse and decided who you like, head on over to the 2008 SA Blog Awards site, read the small print and get nominating. In short, the important rules are:

  • Only ONE nomination per person is allowed, so do give some thought to your nominations. Send a second sheet and your first will be cancelled.
  • You MUST nominate at least three different blogs
  • You will need to provide the URL of each nomination and a reason for your nomination.
  • You MUST provide a name and valid e-mail address in order to nominate.
  • You'll get a confirmation e-mail and will need to click on the confirmation link for your vote to count.

Nominations are open until Friday 22 February 2008, after which the 10 blogs with the most nominations in each category (taking into account their relevance to the category in which they have been nominated) will go through to the finals. Final voting will be open to the public from Monday 3 March 2008 till midnight Friday 14 March 2008. During the final voting stage, you will be able to cast your vote on the 2008 Awards website and a panel of bloggers and "celebrity judges" will also judge the nominated blogs in each category. Their and your votes will be tallied and the top blogs resulting from this in each category will be announced as winners on 3 April.

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