Friday, November 03, 2006

Five Pieces of my Day

Today ordinarily I would have reckoned I was too busy to post, but with NaBloPoMo looking over my shoulder I must write something, so it will be a snippets from my day kind of a post:

The weekly shop in our local town, where with my parents visiting and generously wielding their credit card, I did a huge shop to restock my sadly depleted larder. This was followed by making it home with just enough time to unpack the shopping, swig a hurried cup of Rooibos tea and drag youngest straight back out to take my son’s class for the last lesson of the morning. She could have had a nice time at home with Granny and Grandpa but at the moment requires surgical intervention to be parted from my side.

Taking a free drawing class at my son’s school to enable his teacher to do a Eurythmy session with my daughter’s kindergarten class. (Eurythmy is the movement to music that they do in Waldorf schools). Usually I have to do nothing more strenuous than hand out paper, admire drawings and ensure they clear up at the end of the morning but today there was high excitement, as it was their class cake sale afterwards. Two children got into a fierce fight, so with my four year old clinging to my leg, I had to assume a severe teacherly demeanour and seperate them, and again and again before physically escorting one of them to the office to have his scratches anointed. It was the intensity of the anger that was so alarming, like dogs that just won’t let go of each other. Half of the class ignored the whole thing but a few got even more excited and were dancing around on the fringes egging everyone on. By the end of class they had cooled down and apologised.

Home to an afternoon of more baking. We’re going to a farewell braai for our German students tonight and I am making the puddings: pavlova with strawberries, apple tarts, chocolate pudding. Also just iced the birthday cake for Tina who cleans for us, which we’ll be having in a minute.

Listening to my daughters play as I bake: an elaborate phone conversation organising their birthday parties with instructions on how to get to the party location - Cair Paravel, for some reason the electronic ring of the toy phone and the Narnian allusion struck me as wonderfully incongruous.

Our October summer has regressed back into rain and chill, so a we lit a log fire to warm up my father this afternoon. Our friend hosting the braai gave up on the braai idea and cooked boullibaisse instead which was wonderful. The kids stayed up late, we feasted on the puddings and have just got home in time to post my blog today rather than tomorrow.

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  1. I love "overhearing" children's play, there is something so innocent and honest in the casting of imaginary scenes...
    And huge amazement shining your way: pavlova, apple tarts, icing a cake. yum, yummy, yummier...


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