Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Today was the sort of day where you plan what you're going to do and then ditch the plan and go off in the other direction. I'd worked out what I needed to do: make cheese biscuits for the kindergarten end of term festival, they are an essential element by now; put together the drawings that the children had done, to make a book as a farewell gift to their teacher; sort strawberries; make Christmas cake, I started soaking the fruit days ago intending to make it last weekend; maybe with the leftover time catch up on some writing or accounts.

Instead I ended up working on the end of year newsletter for my son's school. A marathon of cutting, pasting, selecting artwork to photograph and then load onto the computer, finding photos from earlier in the year then putting it all together in some sort of order. My husband has kindly undertaken to get it ready in a more computer literate way to go to the printers tomorrow.

This left me at 6pm with all the more essential things to do from my first list plus cooking the supper and of course writing my blog, as there is no way I'm going to fail on the eve of the end of NaBloPoMo having made it thus far! So apologies for the unadorned account of my day making up most of the material.

The only deeply philosophical thought that popped into my head today - "Trust in the process" - it may feel like you're walking blindly through a bank of fog with no idea where you're going, but just the process of putting one foot in front of the other is getting you somewhere that you are meant to be going.

So with that rather incoherent philosophobabble, I'll leave you to collapse on the sofa!


  1. Oh, I am from the "trust in the process" philosophy of life, it's taken me far, so far.

  2. Living in the NOW and trusting in the process are things I'm actively working on in this lifetime...I'm getting there!


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