Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What Mums like to eat

Today's post comes from my four year old's perspective

Mums like:
Crusts from sandwiches, but not if they’re sandy.
Half eaten apples.
The crusty end of a rusk still slighty soft from dunking in her tea.
Tea full of mushy crumbs.
Little bits of vegetables from the soup.
Those mints from pizza restaurants, that I sucked once and didn’t like cos it was too strong.
Soggy cereal, when she has to take me to the loo, just when she’s poured her milk.
The cones of ice-creams when I’ve licked the ice cream too far down to reach.
I think Mum likes cake and biscuits and chocolate too!


  1. Isn't it lucky they have you around to finish off all those bits and pieces? Your menu sounds remarkably similar to mine.

  2. This brought back those good memories again...and the creamed peas I could not handle...


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