Thursday, November 02, 2006

Theology in the morning

It’s a damp overcast morning. Without the bright spokes of sunshine tickling their eyelids my children have slept in for once. Youngest is the first to wake as I go in to their room after my shower. Sleepily she lies against me.

“God isn’t a person, he’s a spirit” are her first words of the morning.
“Mmm” I say, my brain not in gear for any more thought out response.
“He was here before houses. Before there were people. Before dinosaurs.”
“He’s just ONE spirit, not one..two..three”as she points around the room.
I’m keeping quiet now, what could I possibly add..
“He’s everywhere but he lives up there.”

My brain now reeling as I try to take in this most concise summing up of complex theological issues, I allow myself to wonder if my child is a genius. But then having got to the bottom of this subject to her satisfaction she moves on to complaining that her new pink sandals have already got dirty and in fact are too tight after all, so I know that she is actually a very normal four year old exploring the relevant issues in her life.

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  1. I think kids understand better then we do sometimes.


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