Thursday, November 23, 2006

Skirt Dilemma

I love wearing skirts and dresses in summer, I do, but what about pockets? I am the proud possessor of two new cotton floaty summer skirts, comfortable, cool and pretty. But as I changed into one, out of my trousers after an incident with the sprinkler, I wondered where on earth I was going to put all the essential detritus from my pockets. Several coins, a tissue, two crystals, one of which is supposed to protect against the ravages of cellphone waves, a purple plastic ring and the car keys were all now homeless.

Now a floaty cotton skirt doesn’t want to be bothered with pockets and loaded down with all that rubbish, it is above such mundane issues. The vest T-shirt that goes with it has no space for junk either and wearing a bum-bag with such an ensemble just ruins the effect. My sister-in-law is famous among the children for carrying her lip balm tucked into her bra, but having the kids fishing down my front for something essential doesn’t appeal to me either.

So the question is to everyone out there, what do you do with all the trouser pocket contents, when you're wearing a skirt? Are you organised enough to carry your handbag everywhere you go and never weigh yourself down with all that in the first place? Or do you go round all summer, like me, without a tissue on hand?


  1. I seldom carry a purse. I put things in my bra :)

  2. I put things in my girls' sacks when we are out and about.

  3. An apron ala 50's? You could bring the fashion back...
    no? Hmm...

  4. Floaty and pretty is all well and good, but I'll never give up the pockets. Never, I say!

  5. pockets are not hard to insert ... if you have a sewing machine ... but not once in my entire life have I ever bothered.

    It's so odd to listen to you talk about summer while I'm wondering if I made a strategic error by not wearing my down coat tonight. That mile walk home from the train station might be veryyy cool at 2am.

    ok but back to your quandary ... the bra thing sounds good ... except I refuse to wear a heavy bra in summer ... i think i just stick to jeans and shorts mostly.

    that apron thing might look really cute ... one of those cute little cocktail waitress styles might also work out.

    no no don't throw any books at us ... we'll behave ... well at least I have to because I don't have an addy to which I can ship an apron.


    have fun,

  6. OK so now you've all got me in a frilly apron, having taken up smoking, decoratively of course, in between putting trays of delicious goodies in the oven. I feel like one of Jenny's Prairie Farmeress 50's ads!

  7. LOL! there you go Kit...I'll peruse my apron ads and books and find THE perfect apron for you especially designed for a floaty summer skirt...and pockets sturdy enough to hold all the accessories and STUFF a Mom needs. How bout one of those super long cigarette filter tapers for your cig...and reading specs on a beaded chain...and stilleto high heels. So not good for beach and farm wear tho. WELLIES! Rose print wellies! Cowgirl wellies?


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