Monday, November 13, 2006

Stubborn? Not me!

I’m determined, you’re stubborn, he is pig-headed.

There seems to be a lot of stubborness going around these days. Last week Charlotte and Nicolle both wrote about their daughters’ determined natures. Mine are also like that. This started me on a new theory. Everyone is actually pretty stubborn. It’s a universal human characteristic. Look around you. Do you know any placid, biddable children, who do what they are asked without digging in their heels? I can’t think of any of our acquaintance. Some may be a bit better trained in toeing the line but all of them are capable of strong demonstrations of stubborness.

One part of the numerology course yesterday could account for today’s children being extra stubborn. The numbers from the date of birth are entered into a grid and full or empty lines, noughts and crosses style, reveal certain character traits. The early years of this century with all the noughts and little variety of numbers means that a lot of young children could be without the numbers 4,5,6 in the grid. That line empty shows a predisposition to stubborness. Lo and behold both my daughters have that empty line. The numbers for their name make up for it, by balancing out the grid but the stubborness is there all right. This left me wondering about my son, who was born in May 1998. Stubborness not indicated there, but he is also hard to sway from his opinions...a full diagonal line for 1,5,9, indicates determination – the positive face of stubborness.

The parents in this family also have that determined streak, so we end up with loads of stand-offs in our daily life.

If you know of any compliant, sweet-natured, biddable children do let me know, but this is my theory and I’m sticking to it...regardless!


  1. All I can add is that I have a very stubborn May 1998 daughter!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog :)

  2. not any here...assuredly stubborn girls.


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