Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Musical Hats

With all these different Hats to don, today has gone by in a blur of metaphorical millinery.

I started off in Kindergarten Hat. The morning was not quite a smooth as yesterday. The day’s grace accorded guest teachers had been used up and the boys decided to test boundaries a little – just the odd surreptitious bounce off the walls and each other to see what I would do. Holding them all in my consciousness felt more like being pregnant with twins busy kicking and elbowing at the walls of the womb.

The main feature of outside play was a snail race, with the construction of an elaborate track of bark and some slices of log as the winners circle. Much pushing and prodding, lifting up and redirecting was necessary to cajole the snails into competing.

Home to a brief respite in ordinary Mum Hat before putting on Photographer Hat at a jaunty digital angle to resize and fit into a template all the school photos that I took last week. We had a false start with Fireworks on the weekend and had to redo the template in Photoshop to get a better resolution for printing. I did one class of 19 before my bottom became numb and I got up to find it was past four o'clock already.

I flung away that Hat and reached for the billowy, floury Baker number. I’d baked yesterday but we seem to have eaten all three loaves already, so to avert a crisis tomorrow morning it had to be done. Once a batch of Rye Bread was rising I glanced across at the yawningly empty biscuit tin – in for a penny, in for a pound – might as well do a batch of biscuits while I’m at it. Then some dough for pizza for supper, I think this hat must have some extra energy tabs in it. All this to then collapse in a heap, only to remember the NaBloPoMo monster. With no lyrical prose on the go there was nothing for it but to catalogue my day of musical hats, except... bother... I never got round to giving Numerology Hat a twirl today.

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  1. LOL you write so well! I always enjoy stopping in. Sooo what will she do today?


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