Friday, November 24, 2006

Moving to Beta

Last night I took a deep breath, girded my loins and switched my Food and Family blog to Beta Blogger. It was getting so that I couldn’t see the Dashboard for their insistent reminders to do so and I was beginning to get the impression that old Blogger might go up in a puff of smoke any day and take my precious blog with it.

I am already slightly acquainted with Beta through my new book blog Great Books Reviewed, so the prospect wasn’t too alarming. Jennifer at Coasting Richly made the switch a little while ago and was having fun labelling all her old posts. So with that encouragement I pressed the buttons and switched.

It was easy. The only unforseen repercussions have been that my two seperate blogs now share the same profile and sign-in name, so Great Books Reviewed has my blurb about food on it instead of my blurb about books. Signing my book posts as Food Mum doesn’t seem quite right either. I’m having to abandon my fancy sobriquets and schizophrenia and write a profile that fits both. Probably I should have opened a separate account and kept them separate, but by the time I realised that, it was too late and I couldn’t face the thought of trying to untangle it all again. So I’ve come out - I am both Food Mum and Original Orange and henceforth I shall be posting as Kit on both blogs!

P.S. I’ve just been reading a fascinating book called ‘Married to A Bedouin’, which I’ve reviewed here at Great Books Reviewed.

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  1. ah ha ... more to read about reading! Love it!


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